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Many students ask "What type of job could I get with a degree in International Relations?"  The answer depends on your choice of specialization, interests, experiences, and skills.  The discipline of International Relations studies GLOBAL issues, creating a literal world of opportunity.  Your task, as a scholar, is to define your area of expertise and map out how YOU want to make a difference.  Do you want to study the military and terrorism as they influence foreign policy creation and peace?  Are you interested in the role international organizations play in agenda-setting and the creation of international norms?  Do you think culture and society are the key drivers for current events?  Do you want to work in the public sector for the government or governmental organizations, in the private sector for a multinational corporation, bank, or firm, or in the non-profit sector for a non-governmental organization or research institute?  Whatever your personal philosophy, opportunities abound.  Click below to learn more about opportunities you can pursue. 

Careers in Inter-Cultural Communications

Careers in International Law and Organizations

Careers in International Political Economy

Careers in International Security and Diplomacy

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