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  • Leonard Lopoo 

    CPR Director, Leonard Lopoo will present “Household Crowding during Childhood and Long-Term Education Outcomes” at the Severe Deprivation in America Conference at the Russell Sage Foundation on Friday.

      Sanjay Basu

    View the 26th Annual Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture of Health Policy “Improving Public Health Safety Nets after an Economic Recession” with Dr. Sanjay Basu.


    Perry Singleton (ECN) presented a talk titled "Health Information and the Timing of Social Security Entitlements" at SUNY Buffalo on Friday, October 24.

    Robert Bifulco 

    Robert Bifulco (PAIA) was in Washington, DC last week at a meeting of COPRA, the NASPAA body charged with accreditation of MPA and MPP programs.  


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