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Founded almost 40 years ago, Syracuse University's innovative Master of Social Science (M.S.Sc.) Degree Program features an interdisciplinary approach to broad social science problems based on a comparative analysis of the world’s major cultural areas. The curriculum pays special attention to the issues of international studies, the foundations and development of major societies and questions involving war and society.  The specially designed mssc_homepage_imgprogram requires one two-week residency per year, and therefore suits students whose careers make traditional classroom study impossible. M.S.Sc. students earn a full-fledged master's degree from the Maxwell School. Study for the master of social science degree can begin at any time of the year.  

M.S.Sc. students include many non-government organization officials, teachers, military personnel, government officers, journalists, and corporate executives involved in international business. Many live and work abroad, or have jobs requiring extensive travel. While the program is fully academic in nature, the varied professional backgrounds of the students enrich the conversation and the educational experience.

Each member of the MSSc  faculty is a senior professor in the relevant Maxwell Department. While each is rooted in his or her own discipline, the faculty works together to ensure that the program reflects an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Students in the program are trained to think broadly, bringing multidisciplinary insights and comparative analyses of issues across cultures and time periods.


Jeff_Allen The M.S.Sc. program’s summer residencies are a tremendous opportunity to meet working professionals from a broad array of backgrounds.  With seasoned academic staff guiding me, I completed the degree remembering that to achieve personal and professional goals requires tenacity.

Jeff Allan '09 M.S.Sc.

Maggie_Dwyer The M.S.Sc. program allowed for the flexibility to tailor the classes specifically to my interests. I was able to examine my area of professional interest from a variety of different social science fields, which turned out to be very advantageous for my career.

Maggie Dwyer '10 M.S.Sc.

Rob_Zywicki The M.S.Sc. program’s International Relations and Developing Nations cores provided me with tremendous opportunities to immerse myself in the history, politics, and economics of the 21st century’s most dynamic regions.

Rob Zywicki '11 M.S.Sc. 

Jeremy_McKenzie Their limited residency program allows students to explore issues of significance with world class instructors with the benefits of both “brick and mortar” and online coursework. It allows students to experience the best of both worlds regardless of geographic location.

Jeremy McKenzie '12 M.S.Sc. 

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