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Jonathan Hanson

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Jon Hanson

Contact Information

324 Eggers Hall
(315) 443-4032


Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2007


Comparative Politics, Ethnic Diversity and Human Development, Authoritarian Politics, Economic Inequality, Quantitative Methods

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Political Economy and Political Development

Game Theory and Formal Modeling

Research Interests

Political institutions and economic performance, State Capacity, and Authoritarian Politics.

Research Projects

I am interested in a range of questions in the areas of comparative political economy and the political economy of development. When it comes improving human development outcomes, do democracy and state capacity tend to complement each other or substitute for each other? For that matter, how can we measure state capacity? What accounts for variation in levels of economic inequality among authoritarian regimes? How do dimensions of democracy, such as the levels of political contestation and inclusiveness, interact with varying social contexts to affect human development outcomes? What is the relative importance of democracy, institutional constraints on rulers, and state capacity for producing economic growth at different stages of development?

Other projects include a test of the "selectorate theory" in the East Asian context, an exploration of whether the nature of IMF loan conditions varies by authoritarian regime type, and an examination of the role of cultural values in economic growth.

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