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  • The Department of Political Science is devoted to the study of politics and government, domestically and abroad. This includes the study of political institutions that exercise government authority, including legislatures, courts, and administrative agencies; political organizations through which individuals and groups seek to reshape the political landscape, including parties, interest groups, and social movements; public policies that reflect governmental efforts to regulate the actions of individuals and corporations, including civil rights, immigration, and environmental policy; and the interactions between and among nation-states and transnational organizations that shape patterns of trade and development, conflict and cooperation, war and peace.

    At the undergraduate level, political science majors will be exposed to political inquiry across a broad array of substantive topics, while also concentrating in one of the following areas: American Politics & History, Law & Politics, Political Economy, Political Participation & Mobilization, Global Governance & Foreign Policy, Political Violence & Conflict, Public Policy, Parties & Elections, Comparative Politics, Citizenship & Democracy, or Political Thought & Philosophy. 

    At the graduate level, doctoral students receive broad training in quantitative and qualitative methods of social science research, while also concentrating in two of the following substantive fields: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Administration & Policy, or Law & Courts.
  • Celebrating Maxwell's 90th

    90logoThe Maxwell School, which opened officially in October of 1924, is turning 90 this fall. To mark this anniversary, we’ve planned a series of on-campus events throughout the upcoming semester.

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    Gadarian op-ed published in The Washington Post

    In the op-ed piece, "How sensationalist TV stories on terrorism make Americans more hawkish," assistant professor Shana Gadarian argues that "media competition means that journalists and editors have incentives to use emotionally powerful visuals and story lines to gain and maintain ever-shrinking news audiences."

    McDowell study highlighted

    Assistant professor Daniel McDowell's research was referenced in a China Daily news report, "Currency swap potential boon to Argentina." In addition, an article written by McDowell, "China's Yuan Boosted by U.K. Bond Deal, but Won't Rival Dollar—Yet," was published in World Politics Review.

    Sezgin op-ed piece published in Al Jazeera

    Assistant professor Yuksel Sezgin wrote a recent op-ed piece for Al Jazeera entitled "What will it take to bring Turkey fully on board?" In the piece, Sezgin explores how the Turkish partnership in the coalition against ISIL depends on the allies addressing Turkey's strategic concerns.

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