Alexandre  Seringes


Intern at Center for Strategic and International Studies

My name is Alex. I am from Athens, Greece, majoring in Political Science. This semester, I am interning at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a non-partisan think tank, ranked 1st in the world for Defense and Security for the past 7 years. Currently, I am working on project on Prosperity and Development. My internship provides me interesting insight into the multi-faceted aspects of international development. As I wish to go into finance, I am particularly interested in the financial instruments governmental agencies and the private sector can utilize together to foster long-term economic growth.

After completing my Masters degree in Finance in Paris, I aspire to work in FinTech (financial industry where technology is applied on financial activities to improve them) in developing economies. I believe the conventional banking sector is outdated and start-ups of this sector will need to step up, especially in countries where financial inclusion is limited, such as in Sub-Saharan Africa or the Middle-East.

Maxwell in DC has granted me the opportunity to meet inspiring individuals of the American and foreign political spheres. Visiting embassies, talking to Congresswomen and Congressmen, interviewing prominent policy-makers, are all invaluable experiences.

My favorite thing about DC is the food! I love discovering a new restaurant every week, as DC offers an extraordinary palette of world cuisines.

My advice for incoming students: Managing your time between classes and your internship may prove challenging at the beginning, but with careful planning, you can still have plenty of time to discover DC !