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Anna Poe

IR and CCE '20

Intern at the Rainforest Alliance in the Global Themes and Partnerships Division

The Rainforest Alliance is an NGO working to create more sustainable and ethical supply chains. They work with farmers and forest communities in over 60 countries to advance environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable practices. The Rainforest Alliance also provides technical assistance, training, and data tools to farmers and forest communities. The Rainforest Alliance certification seal is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental and social standards. 

I work in the Global Themes and Partnerships Division, specifically on the Human Rights team. My team works on issues of labor and workers' rights including child labor and forced labor. I am also working with the Accountability Framework Initiative, which is a multistakeholder initiative aimed at helping firms achieve their ethical supply chain goals. With this team, I've worked on developing operational guidance documents to aid firms in implementing their ethical supply chain objectives.  

The work environment is very comfortable and my coworkers are incredibly intelligent and friendly people. I enjoy being able to witness a piece of how a global organization operates, and I hope to continue my work with the Rainforest Alliance. This internship experience has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of global supply chains, gain new skills, and make new connections, and I am very grateful for the experience.