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Benjamin Hecker

'18 (CCE/IR)

Benjamin is interned at Convergence, while participating in the Maxwell-in-Washington Undergraduate Program in Spring 2017. 



I am a junior from New York City studying citizenship & civic engagement and international relations with a concentration on international political economy and a regional focus on Latin America. I interned for Convergence, Economic Mobility and Poverty Project. Convergence creates actionable convenes with national leaders with conflicting views and creates actionable solutions. 

The internship experience at Convergence was great. I like that no one works in silos--there is an emphasis on collaboration and cross-pollination. I also like Convergence's mission, they are doing something truly unique. There was a lot of political divisiveness in D.C. during my time here, Convergence does not ignore that problem, or try to work around it, they tackle it head on to create productive compromise. I got to produce and edit a video that was shared at a stakeholder meeting,it seemed to really be valued. I was surprised about Convergence's reach. They gather leaders of industries relevant to the projects.  

Maxwell in DC intensified my interests and passion for creating positive change. Being so close to the action made everything I'm studying in Syracuse seem very relevant. It is inspiring and eye-opening to hear from speakers that have had impactful careers. It not only gives you an understanding of the day-to-day life in Washington, but it also allows for discussing lofty ideals. 

I would like to pursue a career that engages across sectors and tackles a multitude of issues. I can see this fitting the criteria of consulting, advising, or branding, but I am keeping my options open. I would like to continue my studies in community revitalization by going on to study Urban Planning in graduate school. 

My favorite thing about D.C. is the architecture and the walkability of the city. Particularly the blend of stone and brick with glass and steel. 

Future DC students: Keep an open-mind, ask lots of questions, and get out of your comfort zone.