Boting spring '19 250px

Boting Zhu

IR '20

Intern at Yuan Media, LLC

My name is Boting. I am from China, studying International Relations. This semester, I am interning at Yuan Media, LLC. Most of the work I have done at my internship relates to public communication and media. In fact, a lot of work that I do is  public relations related. There are many cool things happening everyday, for example, I had the privilege to interview Andrew Yang, the first Asian American presidential candidate. In terms of post-graduate plans, I would like to get involved in public relations and continue working with the media. Maxwell in DC program has given me the opportunity to meet and network with many cool people. This is the best thing for any Maxwell Student.

My favorite part about DC is visiting the National Gallery of Arts and different embassies. My advice for incoming students: Send out your resume and job applications to as many organizations as you can. Take your shot without any regret and perform your best. The most important thing is to manage your time appropriately. Don't hesitate or be afraid to ask questions.