Cara  Clark

Psychology & Nutrition '19

Intern for the Department of Justice - U.S. Attorney’s Office

Hi, my name is Cara Clark and I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana and study Psychology and Nutrition. For my fall semester of my senior year, I decided to study abroad in Washington DC so I could intern for the Department of Justice - U.S. Attorney’s Office. I specifically work in the Superior Court Division for the homicide section. This is the largest federal prosecutors office in the nation because not only does it prosecute federal cases on behalf of the United States, but it also handles local cases -- the only federal office that is charged with prosecuting all local cases. I want to continue my education by attending law school or graduate school; whether I become a psychologist of lawyer, my goal is to help those who have been victims of traumatic events.


While you’re here, I hope that you take advantage of your surroundings and try to make friends with everyone in the program -- Keep an open mind! When discussing politically-charged issues, it’s critical to listen to others’ viewpoints even if you disagree. Use these conversations as opportunities to learn and understand viewpoints outside of your own!


One word of advice I would give to future participants is BUDGET! Living in DC can get expensive and to get the most out of your time here, it is smart to set aside money to spend on things you want to do while you’re here.