Dina Eldawy

Dina  Eldawy

IR & CCE '19

Intern for the National Center for Immigration Integration Policy for the Migration Policy Institute

Hi, my name is Dina Eldawy and I am from Pensacola, Florida. I am a senior in Syracuse University studying International Relations and Citizenship and Civic Engagement. I interned for the National Center for Immigration Integration Policy for the Migration Policy Institute. Throughout my time at the Migration Policy Institute, I was surprised by the Center’s focus and emphasis on education policy as the means of integrating migrant communities. Because of this emphasis, I have learned a lot about federal, state, and local laws; become more aware of requirements for English Language Learners and people with low English proficiency; and have done multiple research projects comparing policies. I especially like how the Center collaborates with national and local coalitions of people and organizations who are also passionate about education policy and do great work on-the-ground. I hope to get a Masters in Development and Education so I can work with NGSs that help refugees, specifically from the Middle East. I am thinking of returning to DC this summer to further explore my options and figure out which kind of organization and work I will want to do in the future.


My favorite part about this program were the Thursday site visits. The Thursday site visits were really great opportunities to learn about different perspectives first-hand. Having first-hand experiences have impacted my views on future career options and given me more a concrete understanding of complicated topics.


If you ever find yourself in DC, visit the museums and events held by the think tanks, nonprofits, and other organizations! There are so many of them that there is always something to do every weekend. Try as many new things as possible and don’t let school and work stop you from exploring the city!