Gina  Reitenauer

TRF & ENG '19

 Intern at National Museum of Natural History

I am Gina, a senior from Harleysville, PA, majoring in Television, Radio, and Film/English and Textual Studies. This semester, I am working in the Arctic Studies Center of the National Museum of Natural History. The NMNH is a museum and research institution administered by the Smithsonian Institution. One of the neatest parts of interning at the National Museum of Natural History is getting to see the museum behind the scenes. Apart from getting a sneak peak at my supervisor's forthcoming manuscript, I've gotten to see the rotunda being lit up for evening events and love taking a moment every now and then to enjoy the view from the third floor. But I can definitely say the layout surprised me - radiating out from the rotunda, the offices are organized in a maze of winding hallways!

Upon graduating in May, I would love to pursue a career that involves writing and/or other creative projects, and can see myself working in the fields of publishing or museum communications. On the side, I hope to continue developing my passion for fiction writing and screenwriting.

Not being an IR of PSC major, I'm not going to lie I was pretty nervous about this semester. But getting to visit embassies and listen to various experts has really increased my awareness of, and passion for, the international and political world around me. The whole experience has been very neat and novel, and I feel glad to be able to be a part of it!

My favorite part about DC is walking down a street and randomly turn my head at an intersection to see the Washington Monument in the distance. While I'm here, I constantly feel like I am part of something big.

My advice for incoming students: Start your internship search early - it will help you! But while here, don't forget to enjoy D.C. simply as a beautiful city. It has so much to offer!