Jingxuan Wang

'21 BA (IR/ECN)

Asia Policy Point Intern

My name is Jingxuan Wang and I'm an International Relations and Economics double major graduation in May 2020. I'm currently interning for Asia Policy Point, which is an independent, U.S. non-profit [501(c)(3)] research center that meets the practical needs of executives, scientists, engineers, educators, policymakers, and journalists. Professionals learn to integrate both Japanese information and U.S.-Japan technology and economic policies in their research and strategic planning.

My role in the office is the Research Intern. My responsibilities include research for the weekly newsletter, Asia Policy Calendar and Japan Brief, attend policy meetings, research the American POW experience with Imperial Japan, and be involved in a variety of research projects concerning politics in East Asia as well as a range of administrative duties. 

First of all, this organization is related to my academic interest and focus, which is Japan. Even though I did not have any research experience about comfort women issue and POW experiences, it will be helpful to my future career and academic development if I can learn more about those topics through this experience. Also, former interns in this organization shared their experiences with me. Even though it is a small NGO, as an intern, I can learn more practical knowledge about the American government. My director is an extremely knowledgeable person, not only about Washington DC but also the legalization process. She shared very useful knowledge about how Washington works.

My favorite part of this internship is that I have many opportunities to go to events hold by famous think tanks in DC, such as CSIS, Carnegie, etc. it gives many opportunities to meet with people and build my social network. I also had the chance to meet with famous scholars and hear their understandings about some social issues. It is something that I can not achieve at school. Another favorite part of my internship is the close connection within the office. Even though it is a small organization, it gives us more opportunities to learn with each other.

My goal of this internship is to achieve a better understanding of how people in DC conduct research about Japan. In Syracuse, there are not many scholars or professors focus on Japan. But in Washington, this internship gives many opportunities to get in touch with authoritative scholars on this topic. It will help me to figure out whether I want to continuously conduct research or study in this academic area in the future.