John-Douglas  Killough


Intern at Interaction

I am J.D., a senior from Souderton, PA, majoring in Television-Radio-Film (Screenwriting) and Political Science (Global Governance). This semester, I am interning at InterAction on the Together Project. The Together Project is an alliance of CSO's that have faced marginalization because of religious affiliations or areas of focus. The internship has been educational. I am learning a lot about topics that would likely never be covered by any class an undergrad could take. I've been able to sit in at meetings and go in-depth into several new topics which is something I enjoy.

I do not currently have a plan for my career. If I can avoid higher education I will but that might not be in the cards. Politics is something that appears less about where you want to go and more about where you end up (for most people). Nothing ever goes according to plan.

The semester has been relatively eye-opening. The speakers have been influential and exciting but nothing has really made me change my perceptions about Political Science or my own interests thus far.

My favorite part about DC is that it is very easy to navigate and fun to explore.

Advice for incoming students: 1) Being flexible is the single most important attribute that will affect your ability to be successful. 2) Nothing needs to be perfect, but so long as it accomplishes the goals that were set out, it is more than acceptable.