Lili Vessereau

Liberal Arts/ Law '19

Intern at Center for Strategic and International Studies

I’m Lili Vessereau from Montrueil, France. I am majoring in Liberal Arts and Law. This semester, I am interning at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

My favorite aspect about my internship is all the things I learn about current issues and development. Of course, I do some basic intern tasks, but background research really means I'm expected and granted the time to deepen my knowledge on a wide array of issues. I was surprised by the different time-lapse of tasks. I was expected to work only on long and extensive reports and didn't anticipate the share of my time events and short briefs would take.

Since the French system of education is very different from the American system, so at the end of the semester,I'm coming back to France to pursue a Master's Degree.

Maxwell in DC made me realize how close I was to get in the labor market and enhance my will to work internationally. Washington, DC is such an international city. I also realized my career would probably make me change countries and I really can't wait for that!

My favorite thing about DC is definitely the food ! I love the variety of the offers , from Thai to European and even Eritrean! My advice for future students is to prepare to get little sleep but a lot of fun and knowledge!