Nick Rogers 250px Spring '19

Nicholas Rogers


Intern at National Defense University

My name is Nicholas Rogers. I am from Rochester, New Hampshire, studying International Relations, with a minor in Information Management and Technology. This semester, I am interning at the Eisenhower School at National Defense University, where I am learning about how the federal government, specifically the Department of Defense, works to support its various missions. In terms of future plans, I'd like to move into the national security sector after graduation, hopefully in the public sector. My internship is showing me the value of the work done by the private sector to provide for the common defense though, so who knows where I'll end up.

Maxwell in DC has helped me refine many of the professional skills I began developing in Syracuse. Speaking out, asking questions, and being confident in what you do is the single most important aspect of any career or academic endeavor. My favorite part about DC is the museums, especially the art museums. The city itself is beautiful and fun to explore.

My advice for incoming students: Get out of your comfort zone. Be bold, go experience the city by yourself, and don't be afraid to make yourself uncomfortable or put yourself into an awkward situation. It gets easier, and it’s very rewarding.