Sarah Epelman

'19 Politcal Science, Policy Studies

Advocacy and Research Intern with Signal Group DC

Hi! I'm Sarah and I'm studying Political Science and Policy Studies with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. While participating in the Maxwell-in-Washington Program, I spent my time interning for Signal Group DC, a government relations and communications firm.

As an Advocacy and Research Intern for Signal Group DC, I worked with a number of diverse clients ranging from healthcare to infrastructure to technology. The advocacy team at Signal works with clients to provide strategy, analysis, business, legislative fixes, content production, and process expertise. My internship went great! Everyday was busy, but I enjoyed the fast-paced environment. I worked closely with the government relations team, our tasks were always changing as new developments emerged or hearings needed coverage. 

This experience has enabled me to fully immerse myself with DC culture and have the opportunity to see how government operates from a new perspective. I enjoyed scheduling Capitol Hill meetings for major clients, sitting in on phone calls with Administrators and Congressman, and learning more about subject areas I never thought I would be interested in. I was surprised to see how much influence the private sector truly has on legislation and the people who were elected to serve the public.

I have always seen myself working in public service until now. I would like to see where this internship takes me after I graduate early from SU. I am considering graduate school in New York or DC. I love working with people, learning something new every day, and putting my technical skills to good use. We will see where this leads me!

DC has shown me that there is a world where people care and are passionate about the status of our nation. Even though the city is not eat, sleep, breathe politics, there is still a feeling that everyone is paying attention. Maxwell in DC has allowed me to see how many career opportunities are for someone with my major and it has helped me connect with alumni who can be of guidance in the future.

As someone from NY - the best city in the world - I approached DC with some hostility. Yet every day, it continued to prove me wrong. I love the metro system, the diverse food options, the free museums, and the political climate always feels electric. My advice to incoming students is to come to DC with an open mind. Not everyone is interested in electoral politics or foreign affairs, but it’s important to understand both to move forward and do better work for the future. I also recommend that you come to DC as an opportunity for yourself to focus on yourself, your goals and your future.