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Sarah Michal

IR '20

Interning on the Capitol Hill with Representative Tom Suozzi (D-NY) 

My name is Sarah. I am from Sea Cliff, NY, studying International Relations with a concentration in Asia Studies and International Security and Diplomacy and a Minor in Political Science. This semester, I am interning on the Capitol Hill with Representative Tom Suozzi (D-NY).

What I really like about my internship is that I am able to attend different briefings and hearings and get to learn about different topics and write memos on them. Something cool that I have done so far is that I attended an event that the office put together where the Ambassador to Korea was there. Something that has surprised me about this internship is that I have a lot more freedom in learning about different things then I expected.

In terms of future plans, if I am being honest, I don't exactly know what I would like to do post- college. I think what I want to do is come back to Washington, DC after graduation and work on Capitol Hill for a couple of years. I have learned a lot being here and think that I still have more to learn.

Maxwell in DC has impacted me tremendously. It has helped me grow both as an individual and academically. As an individual, it has helped me to discover who I am and academically, it has challenged me in having to really balance both school and work and to get my assignments done early. Being here has also allowed me to network and meet other people in a similar pathway that I might want to follow.

My favorite thing about D.C. is definitely the food. Because D.C. is so diverse,  you can try different food that you might normally not try when you are back at home. The restaurants are also very authentic so you know you are eating like a local in that country.

One piece of advice that I would share with incoming DC students is definitely to get out of your comfort zone both. Go try that Afghan restaurant, go explore the city by yourself, go and network even if you are too scared. Just because you are not out of the country, does not mean that you can't try new things and take a leap.