Se Young Lee

Se Young Lee

'18 International Relations

Outreach Intern at World Affairs Councils of America

My name is is Se Young Lee and I am a senior from South Korea studying International Relations.

I am currently the World Affairs Councils of America, Communications and Marketing Office, Outreach Intern. The World Affairs Councils of America supports the high-quality programs, educational initiatives, and operational excellence of more than 90 nonprofit, nonpartisan member Councils across the United States. WACA and this nationwide network of World Affairs Councils strive to foster deeper understanding of key global issues and to provide access to leaders and decision-makers so that our communities can better compete, collaborate, and make informed decisions in a complex world. My internship is going great and I like it because it is a fast pace working environment where I can concentrate on doing my tasks all day.

I'm passionate about international affairs and how the leaders of different countries communicate and cooperate in order to solve issues together. With my internship, I realized that I am not an office-person, since I would like to see the change of environment and situation with my own eyes. I would like to be in the field and contribute seeing the changes that occur with my cooperation and work. In the future, I would like to work in an organization where I can see and learn the process of negotiation and interaction among the nations.