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Theodore Horn

'17 (PSC)

Theodore interned at the American Foreign Service Association while participating in the Maxwell-in-Washington Undergraduate Program in Spring 2017. 


 I am a senior from Mertztown, PA studying political science and policy studies. I interned at the American Foreign Service Association, an organization dedicated specifically to preserving and enhancing the integrity of the U.S. Foreign Service. 

I'm very happy to have found the internship that I did. I really liked the dynamics of the small organization and the work they do is both interesting and relevant. Thanks to this internship I had the pleasure with meeting dozens of foreign service officers which all have their own fascinating stories and unique perspectives on what is happening in the world now. I was quite surprised by just how close knit and active this group of professionals is in lobbying their interests and presenting them as a shared interest with America. 

I think the biggest impact of Maxwell in DC was the affirmation that I'm studying the right things at Syracuse and headed down the right path. I realized that my time at SU has given me the skills I need to be competitive in a professional environment. After living in DC for a few months I'm now sure that this is where I want to live and work well into the foreseeable future. Wherever my career goes post-college I definitely see myself living here in Washington. Ideally I would love to pursue a career in lobbying or policy work, but I'm open to any interesting opportunities that present themselves along the way.

My favorite thing about DC is the inter-connectivity of everything. From the city itself which is easily navigable and packed with things to do to the work I'm doing having implications across the network. I feel like being in Washington is a city of connection and that it really makes me appreciate my role in everything.

Future DC students: When it comes to applying for internships I think it's better to focus on quality over quantity in the beginning.