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Yoonjung Jang

'18 (IR/WRT)

Yoonjung interned at the Wilson Center, while participating in the Maxwell-in-Washington Undergraduate Program in Spring 2017. 


 I am a junior from Atlanta, Georgia studying writing & rhetoric and international relations with a concentration on international security & diplomacy and a regional focus on Asia. I was the communications intern for the external relations department at the Wilson Center, non-partisan think tank that tackles global issues through independent research and open dialogue. 

My internship was a great experience. I really liked the fact that I was constantly learning and up-to-date with today’s current affairs. My daily task was to compile a brief newsletter for the Wilson Center scholars, fellows, and staff. I feel very accomplished knowing that my work was disseminated for the entire Wilson Center to see. I also helped out with events hosted at the Wilson Center. I attended an event in which Madeleine Albright came and spoke about female empowerment. Seeing her was such an honor. What surprised me about interning at the Wilson Center is that there were times when I bumped into notable scholars, such as Matthew Rojansky from the Kennan Institute and Aaron David Miller.

Maxwell in DC impacted me in mostly positive ways. I’ve met genuinely nice people who were willing to give me career advice and assist me by offering suggestions on how to spend my semester in DC. I came into DC thinking I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do in the future, but I found other interests that I never would’ve discovered without meeting experts and Syracuse alumni. Maxwell in DC helped me to network better and improved my way of thinking about my career goals. 

I really like DC for its accessibility to cultural events and museums and the many professional opportunities you have to interact with intelligent people with similar passions for politics. Post-college, I would like to pursue a career that encompasses the skills and knowledge gained from my majors. Ultimately, I would like to become a foreign service officer, specializing in East Asian security issues. 

Future DC students: Come with an open mind and be prepared to learn and absorb knowledge like you've never done before!