Roommate Selection Questionnaire


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Sleep Habits:


1. What time do you usually go to sleep?


1. What time do you usually wake up?

2. Are you a light or a heavy sleeper?


Noise Tolerance:


3. Do you prefer music/TV loud or quiet?




5. Is your living space usually very neat and orderly or not very organized?


6. How frequently do you clean your room?


7. Do you clean up the kitchen after you use it?




8. How would you describe yourself  - very talkative and expressive, or quiet and reserved?


9. Do you prefer a roommate who is very social or not very social?

10. Describe yourself using personality stereotypes (for example: quiet, private, independent, sociable, voluble, self-contained, serious, fun-loving, easy-going, intense, easily worried, unflappable, etc.)


11. Do you want to know when your roommate is having guests over?



12. Do you study with music or TV?



14. Smoking is not allowed in the apartments or classrooms, and is discouraged in many restaurants and office buildings in DC.  Do you smoke?  If not, are you willing to live with someone who does smoke?

15. Do you have any personality quirks or pet peeves that we should know about when matching you with a roommate? 


16. Would you be willing to live with a roommate or apartment mate who is a graduate student?  


17. Are you amenable to living in a mixed gender apartment? Males in one bedroom and females in the other bedroom and shared living spaces (separate bathrooms, of course!).          


18. Are there any individuals in this program that you would like to request to live with in the same room/apartment?  Are there other specific requests that we should consider?