International Relations Senior Awards


Each year the International Relations Program faculty and staff identify several undergraduate student majors to receive our special “named” awards for outstanding academic performance and special contributions to the undergraduate program.  The recipients’ names are entered on the award plaques hanging in the International Relations Program office, and each recipient receives a plaque to keep.  The recipients of these awards are also listed in the program for the College of Arts & Sciences Convocation every year.


The Goodwin Cooke Leadership Award is given annually to a graduating senior who has exhibited leadership in the activities of the International Relations Program.  This award honors Ambassador and Professor-of-Practice Goodwin Cooke, who served for nearly two decades as Director of Undergraduate Studies in International Relations at Syracuse University, following a distinguished career as a US foreign service officer. 

The Julian R. Friedman Internationalism Award is given annually to a graduating senior for outstanding academic achievement, community involvement, and a commitment to the spirit of internationalism which Professor Friedman’s life represented.  Dr. Friedman taught in the Political Science Department at the Maxwell School and was active with human rights organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). 

The Harlan Cleveland Policy Award for excellence in international policy issues is given annually to a graduating senior for academic achievement and enthusiastic involvement in international policy issues which Harlan Cleveland’s career represented.  Dr. Cleveland was Dean of the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs and formerly US Assistant Secretary of State and US Ambassador to NATO.

The G. Matthew Bonham International Relations “Scholar of the Year” Award is given annually to a graduating senior for academic excellence in International Relations and for the difficulty of the curriculum chosen. The award is named in honor of Professor G. Matthew Bonham who joined the faculty of the Maxwell School in 1992 and served as Chair of the International Relations Program from 1992-2008. 


Senior Awards

The Cooke Award for Leadership 


The Cleveland Award for Policy


The Friedman Award for Internationalism


The Bonham Scholar of the Year

 2017 Lynsey K. Cooper 2017 Yifei Dong 2017 Frederick W. Cieri III 2017 Ilana R. Siegal

 2016 Virginia Giannini

 2016 Madeleine Eleanor Durbin 2016 Adriana Jude Curto 2016 Tianshu Chen

 2015 Alexandra-Marie Figueroa Miranda

 2015 Ivan Georgiev Zhivkov 2015 Michael Barbone & Alexandra Clare Ross 2015 Thomas Jenry "TJ" Tree
2014 Kyra Murphy2014 Vittorio di Ventura2014 Amanda Claypool & Briana Rinaldo2014 Ellen Moore

2013 Jennifer Lee Nieves-Alvarez & Ivan Andreevich Bakin
2013 Kexin "Kitty" Zheng

2013 Chineye Monde-Anumihe & Grace Choi

2013 Juliann B. Merryman

2012 Yiwei Wu

2012 Leah Kelsch Moushey 

2012 Jonathan C. Nwosu

2012 Robert D. Solonick


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