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Beijing Courses
Number/Section  Title Region  Topic
ANT/HST 403/443  Culture, Confucianism and East Asian Modernity (Fall, Spring) ASIA ICC
ECN  300.1 China and the World Economy(Fall, Spring) ASIA IPE 
HST 300.1 The Changing Face of China: Evolving Chinese Cultural Identities (Fall, Spring) ASIA ICC 
IRP 300.1 The Other China: Ethnic Minorities, Development and Environment (Fall) ASIA  
IRP  400.2  U.S. - China Relations: Tangled Titans (Spring) ASIA  ISD 
PSC  400.1  China: Past, Present, and Future (Spring) ASIA ICC 
PSC  431  China in Transition (Fall, Spring)  ASIA  IPE


Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University Courses
Number/Section  Title Region  Topic
ECN 480.2 Economic Growth   IPE
ECN 480.7 Developmental Economics   IPE
PSC/ECN 380.6  Intro to International Political Economy   IPE


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