Florence, Italy

Florence Courses
Number/Section  Title Region  Topic 
ECN 361 Economics of European Integration (Fall, Spring) EUR IPE/ILO
ECN 480.4 International Economics II (U. of Florence) (Fall)   IPE
GEO  400.2  Sustainable Urbanism in Europe (Fall) EUR  IPE 
HST/PSC 452 Italy: Past, Present and Future Challenges (Fall, Spring) EUR  
IRP  380.1 International Conflict Transformation (U. of Florence) (Fall)   ISD
IRP 480.2 Human Development and International Cooperation (U of Florence) (Fall)   IPE
PSC 300.1 Politics of Immigration in Europe (Fall, Spring) EUR ICC/ILO 
PSC  380.2  Politics of Globalization and Human Rights (U of Florence) (Spring)   ILO
PSC  380.3  Politics of Economic Globalization (U of Florence) (Fall)    IPE 
PSC 380.4 Human Rights and Armed Conflicts (U of Florence) (Fall)  ILO 
PSC 405 Politics of the European Union (Spring) EUR ILO
PSC 413 Identity and Difference (Spring)   ICC
PSC  453  Twentieth-Century Europe (Fall, Spring)  EUR   
HST/SOC 454 Family and Gender in Contemporary Italy (Fall, Spring) EUR ICC


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