Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg Courses
Number  Section Title Region  Topic 
ECN 366 Economic Policies of the European Union (Fall) EUR IPE/ILO  
HST/PSC 415/350.2 Europe, Russia, and the Eastern Borderlands (Fall) EUR ISD
HST/PSC  416/350.1  Europe and the 'Arc of Crises' (Spring)  MENA  ISD 
IRP  300.1 The European Identity (Fall, Spring) EUR   
PSC 350.3  Minorities and Discrimination in Europe (Spring) EUR ICC/IPE
PSC 400.1 The EU and Beyond (Fall, Spring)      EUR   ILO/ISD   
PSC 429 European Human Rights (Fall) EUR ILO  
PSC  456 Religion and Conflicts in Contemporary Europe (Fall) EUR  ICC/ISD 
PSC 471 Internship at the Council of Europe (Fall, Spring) EUR  


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