Student Conferences

SCUSA - Student Conference on United States Affairs

Each year the International Relations Program selects one outstanding senior IR major to represent Syracuse University at the United States Military Academy's annual Student Conference on US Affairs (SCUSA) at West Point, New York. Students interested in participating in the conference should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Francine D'Amico, for more information on the selection process. 

Past participants:

  • Claudia Delgado and Emilie Scardilla, 2016
  • Ryan Hackett, 2015
  • TJ Tree, 2014
  • Brittany Legasey and Xiang Wang, 2013
  • Nicholas Iaquinto, 2012

NAFAC - Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference

The U.S. Naval Academy has hosted an undergraduate conference each year since 1960. This conference provides a platform for midshipmen to partner with civilian counterparts, young officers, and civilian delegates from two dozen countries for discussion of current global affairs. Information on the conference is available on the NAFAC website

Past participants:

  • Rose Cote and Miranda Green, 2017
  • Michael Barbone, Alexandra Figueroa, and Iti Maloney, 2015

Millennium Campus Conference

The Millennium Campus Conference is presented by The Millennium Campus Network.  MCC is a conference focused on students organizing around the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.  The weekend is designed to provide attendees with the knowledge, skills, inspiration and space for critical self-reflection they need as student leaders to effectively execute their on-campus and overseas projects in the coming year.  MCC is also a place for those interested in becoming part of the student movement to end global poverty to learn how they can get involved.

Past participants:

  • John Lozzi IV, Ellen Moore, and Maisha Shahid, 2013
  • Ivan Bakin and Jennifer-Lee Nieves Alvarez, 2012