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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Public Affairs

Major Requirements

Students are required to take a 18-credit course core and a 12-credit topical specialization with at least four courses numbered 300 or above in the topical specialization.

Core Requirements

The core introduces research skills necessary to analyze public policy issues. The following courses are required:

  1. PAF 101: An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy
  2. MAX 201: Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences
  3. PAF 315: Methods of Public Policy Analysis & Presentation
  4. PAF 410.1 Government and Non-Profit Agencies or
    PAF 410.2: Community Benchmarks
  5. ECN 203: Economic Ideas and Issues
  6. MAX 123: Critical Issues for the United States

    Topical Specializations (Concentrations)

    Students must complete 12 credits in one of the four topical specializations listed below, with no more than 9 credits from any one department. The courses chosen must be approved by the Policy Studies advisor.

    • Environment
    • Government and Business
    • Health, Education, and Human Services
    • Society and the Legal System

      Administrative Requirements

      Entrance Requirements: Before admission to the major, students mus have a "B" or better in PAF 101: An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy, and have completed or passing by mid-semester, MAX 201: Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences or a suitable alternative approved by Professor Coplin. Students must complete at least 35 hours of public service by taking PAF 110 or a suitable alternative approved by Professor Coplin. An interview with Professor Coplin, Director of the Public Affairs Program, is necessary before formally admitted as majors.

      Advising Requirements: Each semester you must meet with Michelle Walker to check on your progress toward meeting the major requirements. You may also meet with Professor Coplin after you have met with Michelle Walker.

      Exit Requirement: You must complete an exit survey during your last semester in order for our office to notify your college that you have completed the major.