Resolution Concerning President Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration

Passed February 2017

The Faculty Council of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs endorses and reaffirms recent statements by our academic leaders concerning President Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

In a statement dated February 8, 2017, Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud made clear his position “on the current immigration law changes and the ensuing debate and legal challenges”:

This university simply cannot support or abide by any policy that discriminates against, or makes a preference for, one person over the other based on religion, national origin or other inherent characteristics. Any such policy is wrong and antithetical to the Constitution of the United States of America and the values of this university.

David Van Slyke, Dean of the Maxwell School, added his signature to a joint letter from leaders of APSIA Schools (Association of Profession Schools of International Affairs) which reads in part:

We are alarmed by the recent US Executive Order banning visa issuance from seven Muslim-majority nations that was issued after harsh statements directed specifically and categorically against Muslims. .... People from all points of view, religions, races, and backgrounds contribute to the education APSIA schools provide.... Our schools are committed to diversity and inclusion.

Faculty and students of the Maxwell School represent a diverse range of religious and social identities whose presence among us makes our community a rich and vibrant environment for scholarship and teaching. The Maxwell Faculty Council recognizes and appreciates the pluralism of our community, and deplores discriminatory measures that would harm our academic community and the fundamental values on which it depends. We reaffirm the right of all faculty and students to pursue knowledge and to be treated with respect regardless of identity or origin.