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    The globalization of markets and ideas has created cross-national challenges and opportunities unimaginable a few decades ago. An increasingly integrated global economy, cross-border violence, transboundary environmental crises, and other challenges strain the capacity of the traditional inter-governmental system that has dominated international politics for over two centuries. Transnational non-governmental organizations (TNGOs) and their networks have emerged as key players in shaping emerging answers those global challenges.The Transnational NGO Initiative focuses on the governance, leadership, and effectiveness of transnationally operated NGOs and advances our understanding of TNGOs as significant players in global affairs through research, education, and practitioner engagement. 

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    The Transnational NGO Initiative is a part of InterAction's Self-Certification Plus, a mechanism for a rigorous self-assessment and validation of compliance with InterAction’s Private Voluntary Organization standards.

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    Reflections on an External Assessment of the Global Transition Program at Amnesty International

    The external Assessment of Amnesty Internationals Global Transition Program has allowed the TNGO Initiative to assess how this process has affected Amnesty's human rights advocacy outcomes and the efficacy of their change leadership and management. After having assisted a number of major international non-governmental organizations review these processes, TNGO Initiative Director, Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken poses reflections and lessons learned.

    Final Assessment of Amnesty International’s Global Transition Program Completed by the TNGO Initiative Goes Public

    Amnesty commissioned the TNGO Initiative in 2016-2017 to carry out an independent Final Assessment of Amnesty International’s Global Transition Program. This represented a significant organizational change for Amnesty: it set up Regional Offices across the globe in 11 locations, hired many staff and leaders from the global south and reduced the number of staff in the International Secretariat in London significantly. 


    Bruno-van Vijfeijken quoted in HR article on measuring change projects

    Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, director of the Transnational NGO Initiative at the Maxwell School, was featured in the HR magazine article "Measuring change programmes' effectiveness." Bruno-van Vijfeijken was the leader of a team that helped Amnesty International review and evaluate the effectiveness of their change management efforts.