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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Public Administration

Core Courses

The first two years of the Ph.D. program are comprised of coursework.  The following are core courses that must be completed in order to be able to take the qualifying exams and comprehensive field exams.  Click the link for each course for a more complete description of the course.

A. Theory of Public Organization and Administration:

    1. PAI 801: Advanced Seminar: Intellectual History of Public Administration 

    2. PAI 810: Advanced Seminar: Foundations of Policy Analysis and Management

B. Research Design and Methods:                   

    1. PAI 803: Advanced Seminar: Quantitative Methods I   

    2. PAI 804: Advanced Seminar: Quantitative Methods II

C. Research Methods Elective

    Examples of courses to fill this requirement include, but are not limited to:    

    1. SOC 614: Qualitative Methods
    2. PSC 694: Qualitative Political Analysis
    3. SOC 800: Mixed Methods
    4. PAI 811: Quantitative Methods III
    5. SOC 813: Advanced Social Statistics

D. Research Seminar

    1. PAI 810: Ph.D. Research Seminar