Community Benchmarks Program

Title, Semester:

  1. Open House: Investigating Housing Instability and its Implications on Syracuse's Youngest Residents, Spring 2018
  2. Slipping Through the Cracks: An Analysis of Tax Exemption in Syracuse, NY, Fall 2017
  3. Final Notice: An Analysis of Evictions and Housing Instability in Syracuse, NY, Spring 2017

    Past Reports

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    Title, Semester:

  4. City of Syracuse - Lead-Based Paint Hazard, Fall 2016
  5. City of Syracuse - Residential Vacancy, Spring 2016
  6. Below the Line: An Analysis of Concentrated Poverty in Syracuse, Fall 2015
  7. CNY Vital Report, Fall 2014
  8. Housing in Syracuse & Onondaga County, Spring 2014
  9. Community Impact Measurement Survey Results for Selected Areas of the Southside of Syracuse, Fall 2013 
  10. A Profile of the Near Westside Syracuse, NY, Fall 2013
  11. CNY Vitals Report, Spring 2013
  12. Comparative Analysis of Municipal Labor Contracts in Onondaga County, Fall 2012
  13. Comparative Study of Highway Departments and Department of Public Works, Fall 2011
  14. Onondaga Community Indicators, Fall 2011
  15. Career Skill Development, Exploration and Civic Engagement, Onondaga School Evaluation, Spring 2011 
  16. Pattern of Government in Onondaga County, Spring 2011
  17. Onondaga Community Indicators, Fall 2010
  18. Onondaga Community Indicators (Abridged), Spring 2010
  19. Laying the Foundation for Literacy, Fall 2009
  20. The Connective Corridor Bridging the University with the Community, Spring 2009
  21. Connective Corridor Inventories, Spring 2009
  22. Comparison of Six Selected New York City High Schools, Spring 2008
  23. Satisfaction Measures with the Franciscan Legal Clinic, Fall 2007
  24. Franciscan Collaborative Ministries: Northside Empire and Empowerment Business Assessment, Fall 2007
  25. Evaluation of the Arts at Assisi Gear Up Summer Academy, Fall 2007
  26. Evaluation of Parishioners’ Knowledge of the Franciscan Collaborative Ministries, Fall 2007
  27. Client and Volunteer Satisfaction with the Poverello Medical Clinic, Fall 2007
  28. The Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central and Operation Graduation, Spring 2007 
  29. The Role of Transportation in Selected Syracuse Childcare Centers, Fall 2006
  30. Patterns of Government in Onondaga County: Structure of Services in County, City, Town, and Village Governments, Fall 2006
  31. Accessibility and Distribution of Centro Bus Shelters, Spring 2006
  32. Greater Syracuse Community Indicators, Fall 2005
  33. Jordan Elbridge Central School District: Study of Student Use of Illegal Substances and Alcohol, Fall 2004
  34. Southwest Community Center: Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Programs, Fall 2003   
  35. How to Take Attendance Using Microsoft Excel: Attendance Proposal for Southwest Community Center, Fall 2003
  36. B&G Club/ Dr. King Afterschool Program: Data Collection and Program Recommendations, Fall 2003 
  37. 2002 Assessment of Municipal Web Sites in Onondaga County, Fall 2002
  38. Nonprofit Compensation: A Study and Comparison of Nonprofit Agencies in Onondaga County, Spring 2002
  39. 2002 Technology Audit of Onondaga County Municipalities, Fall 2002
  40. Preliminary Findings On Issues Affecting Students At Shea Middle School, Spring 2002
  41. Comparison Of Law Enforcement Contracts In Onondaga County, Spring 2001   
  42. Comparison of Municipal Department Head Compensation in Onondaga County, Fall 2000
  43. Comparison of Salaries and Benefits of Elected Municipal Officials in Onondaga County, Spring 2000
  44. Municipal Web Sites in Onondaga County: A Study Comparing Selected Characteristics, Fall 1999
  45. Residential Trash Collection in Onondaga County: A Study Comparing Costs and Type of Service, Spring 1999
  46. Comparison of Cost and Selected Characteristics of Police Service in Onondaga County, Spring 1999
  47. Benchmarking Local Government Services in Onondaga County: A Demonstration Study of the 19 Towns and City of Syracuse, Fall 1998
  48. Overview of the Jamesville-Dewitt High School Benchmarking Project, Fall 1998
  49. Selected Government Performance Outcomes For The City Of Syracuse: Comparisons of the Six Residential TNT Sectors in the Areas of Crime, Fire, Streets, Trash and Parks, Spring 1998
  50. School Finance Trends in Syracuse: 1978 – 1998, Spring 1998 (2 files)