Faith Abiodun

Faith Abiodun

'12 MPA
Communications Associate & Project Manager
African Leadership Academy


Faith Abiodun ’12 MPA lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he serves as the communications associate for the African Leadership Academy (ALA). ALA seeks to transform Africa by developing a powerful network of over 6,000 leaders who will work together to achieve extraordinary social impact. Since September 2012, Abiodun has been working for ALA.


As communications associate, Abiodun is responsible for managing the ALA brand, media visibility, website and social media content. As well as developing marketing collateral, writing newsletters and press releases, and producing social media and media reports. In addition to his work as communications associate, Abiodun serves as director of the International Relations Council, where he teaches classes in international relations, prepares students for Model United Nations conferences, and organizes the ALA Model African Union.


Most recently, Abiodun leads a team of 32 people to organize the inaugural Model African Union conference at African Leadership Academy. The conference brings together 102 students and teachers from over 40 countries for a five day conference in diplomacy focusing on the African Union. Abiodun works with the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) to develop initiatives to transform education across the world. He was recently appointed as a Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School, in which he will help to get 57 million out-of-school-children properly educated.


When asked about his experience at Maxwell, Abiodun said some of his most memorable experiences were his classes with Professor Rosemary O'Leary and Tina Nabatchi. Abiodun states, “O’Leary and Nabatchi embody, in my opinion, the beauty of the academia.” Till this day, Tina Nabatchi has served as a great inspiration for Abiodun. Professor Len Lopoo was also an impactful figure during his time at Maxwell. Abiodun never thought he would ever have an interest in or success with statistics and even dreaded taking the class, but Professor Lopoo was a great teacher and he remembers his words very often: "I want you to be the scary person in the room", which was his way of motivating his students to understand the methodology behind every piece of data. Another highlight from his Maxwell experience was his interactions with Professor Walter Broadnax, advisor to the Coalition of Multicultural Public Affairs Students (COMPAS), which Abiodun served as President from 2011-2012. Abiodun vividly remembers his work with COMPAS, as he was able to foster interactions between Maxwell students of different nationalities. Abiodun had the opportunity of serving on the Syracuse University Senate, as a member of the Honorary Awards committee. This experience was very empowering to him as he was able to work with members of faculty across the university to make important decisions.


Abiodun is grateful for the support he received financially from the Maxwell Dean's Office, in addition to the Syracuse University Graduate Scholarship. The financial support was incredibly helpful in his pursuit of an education at Maxwell. Abiodun states, “Truthfully, I would have never been able to attend Maxwell without such generous grants and I'm eternally thankful for that.”

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