Nicole Young  Collier

Nicole Young  Collier

'00 MPA

Director of Government Relations at Nestlé

Nicole Collier is the Director of Government Relations for Nestlé, the world's largest food company. Nestlé manufactures food and bottle beverages in 197 countries and in the United States where they have a presence in 47 states. Collier serves on the government relations and public affairs team for the company. She works on policy issues related to child nutrition, climate change and sustainability. Additionally, she represents the company on Capitol Hill and with the administration. She is responsible for building relationships with NGOs and thought leaders on various topics that are important to the future of Nestlé and the food industry. Through this role, Collier cultivates opportunities for Nestlé to tell their story and play a leadership role in the development of policy. She is able to work closely with industry colleagues on political and policy issues impacting the food industry. Most notably, she spearheaded a partnership between Nestlé and Senator Cory Booker.

Prior to this position, Collier worked for Arthur Anderson, where she acted as a state and local government consultant. Through this experience she was exposed to numerous projects and aspects of state and local government. She later worked for the National League of Cities and as a policy advisor for the former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm. She then went on to hold a position at The Podesta Group, a reputable lobbying firm located in Washington, DC.

When asked about her experience at Maxwell, Collier recalls the relationships she formed with Maxwell professors. It was one of her favorite Maxwell professor's, William Duncombe, whom ignited her love for education policy. She believes it was Maxwell that helped her to develop her quantitative and qualitative skills that she uses today in her field. In addition to those skills, she developed the ability to write concise memos that have often helped in her work with elected officials and CEOS. During her time at Maxwell, Collier learned how to better express herself through working with people from different viewpoints and perspectives, which has served her well, as she spends much of her time persuading people.

Collier is grateful for the financial support she received while at Maxwell, as without it she wouldn't have been able to attend Syracuse University. She went on to say, “Having grown up in Syracuse, I always revered the University, but didn't know much about its offerings. I'm appreciative of what an amazing opportunity Maxwell was for me and I hope to be able to give back to it someday.” She advises students to stay connected to their professors and classmates as the Maxwell mafia is like none other.

She obtained her bachelor's degree in political science from Hampton University. Shortly after, she graduated from the Maxwell School with a master's degree in public administration. Originally from Syracuse, NY, Collier currently resides in Washington, DC with her husband and two children.