William Kittredge

William Kittredge

'02 PhD (PA)


Cervelet Consulting

William Kittredge is the president of Cervelet Consulting in Bangkok, Thailand. William received a PhD in Public Administration from the Maxwell School in 2002.

Cervelet Consulting conducts program evaluations, performance assessments and program design activities for public and private sector, including social businesses, in SE Asia and Middle East. The organization also accepts engagements for research activities in its areas of service, including surveys, interview protocols, and field data collection for academic research and commercial clients.

Currently, William is leading teams in Cambodia, Thailand, and Nepal. “All are program evaluations exercises,” he says. “However, preliminary results in the Cambodian evaluation led to an engagement change and we are now designing a sustainable social business model to supercede the current international charity. I'd say the successful evaluation of an innovative peer-coaching program for high school principals in South Australia and completing the second edition of my book Local Government Financial Condition Analysis are the most recent highlights.”

William has had anything but a 'standard' career. He served on faculties at both University of Georgia and Carnegie Mellon University. In between, he served as director of national programs for the US Department of Commerce and later as USG Representative to the OECD Territorial Development Policy Committee. Lately, William has been focusing on consulting, hiring capable, talented young people and bringing them into the new arenas of public policy, especially social businesses and corporate social responsibility, for the private sector.

“My Maxwell years are a precious memory and, in many ways, the font of my current career. Bunny Jump, Vern Green, Bill Duncombe, and Johnny Yinger were the biggest influences. They taught me the applications of solid analysis in the service of the greater good,” he says. “My 'office mate' Amy Kneedler Donahue, Sean O'Keefe, and Lloyd Blanchard also made major contributions to shaping my views and to my application of technical skills to social purposes. I remember vividly the intense intellectual environment, comradeship, scholarly excellence, and modesty of my mentors and fellows.” William also served as Bill Duncombe's TA in budgeting and Sean O'Keefe's TA in the capstone course four years in a row. “The only real advice I can offer is to follow your heart, think with your head, and enjoy Maxwell, because it is a fleeting privilege to participate in such a unique educational environment.”