Alejandro Laplana

Alejandro Laplana

'11 BA (PSc/IR)

Managing Partner
Nesting Partners LLC

Alejandro Laplana is founder and managing partner of Nesting Partners LLC, a patent incubator and software company builder. Having created the company's investment thesis and business model, Laplana also plays a role as an investor, partner, and promoter in Nesting Partners's various portfolio companies, raising capital from their investors and partners.  

Laplana is also the founder and director of Horizon Latin America LTD, which is a subsidiary of One Horizon Group. Laplana says they are "renowned innovators in internet-based telephony, international roaming and voice security." His role includes presiding over a team of 20 employees in five countries and promoting the company to various government entities, such as the Venezuelan Congress.

Aside from his career, Laplana serves as the technology director of the Arturo Uslar Pietri Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Venezuela. He says the NGO focuses on technology-oriented vocational training for impoverished communities. In addition, he helped with the design and implementation of a micro-credit program in Petare, in the municipality of Sucre, in Caracas, Venezuela. Laplana, who  holds an executive master's in technology management from New York University, also mentors and meets with South American entrepreneurs as an angel investor.

"My experience at Maxwell was overwhelmingly positive as it helped inculcate a global perspective grounded on knowledge, tolerance and service. This helped to shape my perspective and subsequent experience as a global investor and entrepreneur," Laplana says about his experience as a student at Maxwell. He also recalls his favorite professor, Hossein Bashiriyeh, who he says was  a mentor  to him.

To current Maxwell students, Laplana offers this piece of advice: "Seek out professors and mentors; keep a global perspective and work on building lasting commercial and personal relationships."