Michael Lewan

Michael Lewan

'74 MPA
Managing Director 

Michael Lewan ’74 MPA is the managing director of HillStaffer. Located in Washington, D.C., HillStaffer is a bipartisan public affairs consulting firm specializing in government relations, strategic communications, and lobbying. Lewan brings over 20 years of legislative experience to his role as managing director.

Before joining HillStaffer, Lewan served as president of The Michael Lewan Company, where he represented a wide cross section of Fortune 500 companies and trade associations including Travelers Insurance, Guardian Insurance, Oracle Corporation, and Idaho Power, among others. Prior to his work at the Michael Lewan Company, Lewan worked in the U.S. Congress as a senior staffer for 17 years. Futhermore, he worked in the House of Representatives for Representative Stephen Solarz and for Senator Joseph Lieberman, in addition to being active in numerous election campaigns from the State House to the White House.

In 1994, he was named the Chair of the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of American Heritage Abroad by President Bill Clinton. In this role, Lewan secured several agreements with newly emerging democracies in eastern and central Europe that returned or compensated religious groups for properties lost under decades of authoritarian regimes. For this work, Lewan was awarded the Commander's Cross with Order of Merit from the Government of Poland in 2000--Poland's highest award to a non-citizen--recognizing Lewan for his work building new and lasting bridges between the Catholic and Jewish communities. 

The Maxwell School taught Lewan that the value of professionalism blended with an appreciation of politics in public life will make a difference, “Maxwell gave me the confidence to argue my case convincingly, but only after acquiring the facts,” Lewan stated. He went on to quote former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Maxwell professor whom said, "Anyone is entitled to their own opinion, not their own facts". Lewan is certain that Maxwell then and now has been central to his professional success.

Lewan’s advice to current students is to get involved with the Alumni Associations. If you are financially able, Lewan encourages you to contribute back. He believes the students of tomorrow need the financial assistance from alumni, because they are our future