Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis

’98 MPA
City Manager
Pismo Beach, California

Jim Lewis, a city manager for the city of Pismo Beach, California, is from Torrance, California but currently resides in Atascadero, California. Jim graduated with a B.S. in Public Policy and Management from the University of Southern California in 1997. He then went on to receive his MPA from the Maxwell School in 1998. 

Pismo Beach is a California coastal municipality serving 7,800 residents and hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. Jim is currently working on several tasks, including a Downtown Vision, development of more hotels and tourist amenities, an IT master plan, achieving the City Council's goals, getting approval new renew a sales tax measure, and growing the city's economy.

“I use what I learned at Maxwell every day and built a great network of people,” Jim says. “I enjoyed my financial management courses and really valued Professors Jump, O'Keefe, and Greene.” Jim also received full support for his MPA through a Truman Scholarship.

Jim’s advice for current students? “Soak up the experience culturally, personally and academically! It is a special year and a special place! Develop deep relationships with your classmates. Do an internship in the Syracuse area if you can.”