Chris Malagisi

Christopher Malagisi

'04 MPA

Editor in Chief
Conservative Book Club

Christopher Malagisi is currently the editor in chief for the Conservative Book Club, an organization that guides book lovers to the best conservative books and authors. As well as, an expert political consultant, specializing in five areas - external relations and outreach, coalition building, event management, political training and conservatism education (philosophical and historical); and is a freelance writer for numerous publications. Originally from Buffalo, NY and now residing in Arlington, VA, Malagisi has an MPA from the Maxwell School, as well as a dual BA in Political Science and the Communications, Law, Economics & Government Interdisciplinary major from American University (DC).

Additionally, Malagisi is an adjunct professor at American University teaching history of the conservative movement and campaigns and political activism. He is the president of the Young Conservatives Coalition, a DC-based young professional conservative educational and networking organization that annually distributes the Young Conservative Leadership "William F. Buckley, Jr." awards and organizes the annual young professional Reaganpalooza event.

Previously, he served as the director of National Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and External Relations at the American Conservative Union. It was there that he organized CPAC 2012, the largest-ever political gathering of over 11,000 conservative leaders and activists, organizations, media and academics in the country, including CPAC FL and CPAC Chicago. He also served as director of political and new media training at The Leadership Institute - personally training over 5,000 candidates, activists and organizations. He has worked on three presidential campaigns, the Republican Party of Virginia, the International Republican Institute (travelling to Afghanistan - Malagisi attributes part of the reason he got the job to a term paper he wrote on Afghanistan during his MPA program), Capitol Hill and the College Republican National Committee.

Malagisi was awarded the "2009 Rising Star Award" and was recognized as a "2011 DC Mover & Shaker" from Campaigns & Elections magazine for significant professional achievements in national politics. He is frequently published and has appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Fox Business and CSPAN as a political analyst. He has also completed fellowships with the National Review Institute, Claremont Institute and Foreign Policy Initiative, is a member of The Heritage Foundation's Young President's Club and was recently inducted into the esteemed Philadelphia Society.

Malagisi chose Maxwell because of its reputation, and because his father was an alum. "[The faculty] do the type of research I'm interested in, and I was interested in the idea of focusing on management and public policy, and utilizing the program to become a better manager."

Regarding Maxwell's impact on his professional career, Malagisi says, "There's not a day that goes by that I don't run into something related to my education in the public policy issues I work with day in and day out. It is a very intense program that requires discipline and the ability to multitask, and every job I have had is easier because of that education. Nothing seems that rigorous." In addition, he speaks of the networking opportunities that come with a Maxwell degree: "The network of the Maxwell Mafia has been very helpful too. If there is something I need assistance with, there are thousands of alum in DC alone. I was Maxwell Alumni president in DC for a little over a year in the 2006 - 2007 frame and saw firsthand the benefits of the alumni network."

His favorite course at Maxwell? "The federal government simulation during summer. Every student was assigned a role in the white house, congress, the press, etc., and we were trying to pass or defeat legislation. I literally stayed overnight in Maxwell a few times. I played President Bush, so I didn't sleep much. It was one of the most useful things to do with your peers, especially because of the political dynamic. You realize that just because you write the perfect piece of policy, you still need to understand the politics behind it to get it passed."

Finally, Malagisi's advice for attending Maxwell: "Do it, but love the snow! There is no other program like Maxwell in the country. You can't go to another university and have a public affairs course without using a textbook written by Maxwell professors. They train you to be a manager - politics aside - and how to use public policy and really make a difference. I always remember the Athenian oath, which I have a big poster of in my apartment. It's inspirational."