Courtney Stuckwisch

Courtney Stuckwisch

'11 MPA

Operations Manager

Cohen College Prep High, New Orleans, LA

Courtney Stuckwisch is Operations Manager at Cohen College Prep High in New Orleans. Originally from Salem, Virginia, Courtney received her BA in English and French from the University of Virginia in 2007 before coming to the Maxwell School to earn her MPA in 2011.

“The charter management organization that I work for is an open-enrollment network of schools committed to preparing all of our students for a rigorous 4-year college,” Courtney says. “I like to say that I do whatever my principal doesn't do.” As head of operations, Courtney creates student schedules, manage student data, build relationships with vendors, maintain technology, coordinate testing, and more. “This is our first year with graduating seniors, and as of mid-February, 56% of our students had been accepted to college with hundreds of thousands in scholarship money,” she says. “Our graduates have a bright future ahead of them.” Courtney is also a Teach for America Greater New Orleans area 2007 alum.

“At Maxwell I really wanted to focus on quantitative skills since my background is in humanities. I decided to take Lopoo for Statistics and Quant. It was challenging, but rewarding! I also discovered a sincere love for state and local government,” she says. “My Metropolitan government class was awesome - I loved that our professors of practice had a wealth of experience actually running a city. Finally, I loved being VP of the Maxwell Women's Caucus. Due to the one-year nature of the MPA, every club and experience will be as YOU make it. In the MWC we strove to take advantage of people around so many amazing women who work for Maxwell by having brown bag lunches with many of the female professors and hosting workshops on budgeting and salary negotiation.” Courtney was also a graduate assistant for Professor Van Slyke during my time at Maxwell, helping to plan the bi-annual PMRA conference that was hosted at Maxwell in 2011.

Her advice for current Maxwell students? “The cold winter gives you the perfect opportunity to get cozy and make lasting friendships with your classmates. I was so inspired by my cohort and I continue to keep in touch and network with many of them.”