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  • Social Science MA and PhD Programs

    A Richer Milieu for Your Scholarly Goals

    The Maxwell School is Syracuse University's home for master's and PhD programs in the social sciences. Roughly 400 students are progressing toward degree at any one time, including the 150 or so who have completed coursework and are researching and writing.

    Most are building toward faculty careers. They are trained as innovative scholars and superb teachers, well grounded in the social, cultural, and historical aspects of their fields. Many of them participate in SU's Future Professoriate Program, an award-winning regimen preparing students now for the special challenges they will face in their eventual first faculty appointment; completion of this program paves the eventual path to tenure.

    However, Maxwell being Maxwell, many students are focused instead on careers in government, NGOs, and the policy sector. It is a reflection of Maxwell's melding of professional and scholarly disciplines that so many students in the social sciences graduate to careers in public management, policy research, and the like.

    The Maxwell School offers residential master's and doctoral degrees in these social science fields:

200 Eggers Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1020
Phone: +1.315.443.2252