The 2018 Elections in Brazil: The Future of Democracy after Bolsonaro

When: Friday, November 30, 2018 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Where: 341 Eggers Hall


Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

Program on Latin America and the Caribbean



The 2018 Elections in Brazil: The Future of Democracy after Bolsonaro

Following a very polarized election, Jair Bolsonaro, far-right candidate and former Army captain, was elected as Brazil’s next president. What are the implications of his victory for the country? Who are his supporters? What will be the role of the military in his presidency? Brazil also elected a new Congress. What does it look like and how will it shape his presidency? Furthermore, what are the implications of his election for other countries in the region? This event will discuss these questions by bringing together faculty members and graduate students who study Brazil and Latin America.

John Burdick, Department of Anthropology. “Support for Jair Bolsonaro Among Low Income Voters: Anecdotal Evidence from Low Income Social Housing in Rio de Janeiro”

André Anselmo, PhD Student in Political Science. “All the President’s Military Men: Assessing the Role of the Armed Forces in Jair Bolsonaro’s Presidency”

Beatriz Rey, PhD Candidate in Political Science. “Jair Bolsonaro’s Base in Congress: Analyzing the Legislature by Parties and Thematic Coalitions” 

Matthew Cleary, Department of Political Science. “Jair Bolsonaro and the Future of Democracy in Latin America” 

Moderator: Gabriel Guimarães, Humphrey Fellow at the Maxwell School

Sponsored by Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs; and Program on Latin America and the Caribbean (PLACA)

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