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Maxwell School
Maxwell / International Relations Program

Poster Requirements and Suggestions

Maxwell Celebration 2017Posters will be printed in a 30" x 40" format and must be submitted as PDFs. The Maxwell School will be responsible for printing your poster and affixing it to a display board. Final posters should be submitted via Blackboard to the Maxwell School Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship organization by 11:59 pm on April 26, 2018 for printing. No late submissions can be accepted.



We recommend the following when designing your poster:

  • Use PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator to design your poster.
  • Design your poster in the 30" x 40" size before converting it to a PDF. Designing the poster at a smaller size and then scaling up a PDF will reduce picture quality.
  • Do not use a textured background for your poster. The use of color is fine, but textured and patterned backgrounds make the printing process more difficult.
  • A number of campus computer labs provide access to the appropriate Adobe software.
  • If you are capturing images from a website, pictures should be no less than 300 pixels per inch to ensure good resolution at large sizes.
  • Watch this video on poster sessions
  • Additional resources on designing research posters (including recommended software and design layout) can be found here and here.
  • Make sure to include your name and research title on your poster.


    Celebration Design 2 2016Please use one of these Maxwell logos for your posters. 

    Check out some of these sample posters for presentation and design ideas.
    Sample 1          Sample 2          Sample 3

    Sample 4          Sample 5          Sample 6

    Sample 7          Sample 8          Sample 9