Poster Requirements and Suggestions

2019 Undergrad Scholar CelebPosters will be printed in a 30" x 40" format and must be submitted as PDFs. The Maxwell School will be responsible for printing your poster and affixing it to a display board. Final posters should be submitted via Blackboard to the Maxwell School Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship organization by 11:59 pm on April 24, 2020 for printing. No late submissions can be accepted.

We recommend the following when designing your poster:

  • Use PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator to design your poster.
  • Design your poster in the 30" x 40" size before converting it to a PDF. Designing the poster at a smaller size and then scaling up a PDF will reduce picture quality.
  • Do not use a textured background for your poster. The use of color is fine, but textured and patterned backgrounds make the printing process more difficult.
  • A number of campus computer labs provide access to the appropriate Adobe software.
  • If you are capturing images from a website, pictures should be no less than 300 pixels per inch to ensure good resolution at large sizes.
  • Watch this video on poster sessions
  • Additional resources on designing research posters including recommended software and design layout can be found here (link to poster tips)
  • Make sure to include your name and research title on your poster.

Maxwell Logos

Please use one of these Maxwell logos for your posters.

Sample Posters

Check out some of these sample posters for presentation and design ideas.

Poster Sample 1 Brazilian Soccer League
Poster Sample 2 UN vs EU Membership
Poster Sample 9 Impact of Accession Migration Flows
Poster Sample 4 Effect of Minimum Wages Smoking Among Teens
Poster Sample 5 Gender and Cancer
Poster Sample 6 Inward FDI Capital Account Regulation Developing Economies
Poster Sample 7 Evolving Identities in Czech Republic and Hungary Post-Cold War UN
Poster Sample 8 Congressional Media Strategy
Poster Sample 3 American Voters