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Maxwell graduates land great jobs. The kinds of jobs they dreamed of. With responsibility and influence.

Graduates of the Public Administration and International Affairs (PAIA) programs are highly sought because Maxwell has a reputation for getting results. Employers trust Maxwell graduates to possess a strong foundation in skills, naturally. But they know also that a Maxwell graduate brings a trademark blend of analytical know-how, broadmindedness, entrepreneurship, and ingenuity. Maxwell graduates have a reputation for taking in bigger pictures and coming up with better answers.

Close to a third of PAIA graduates find jobs in NGOs and other nonprofits.  At least a quarter enter government; for those with MPAs, in fact, the number is closer to half. Many go into private business, including consulting companies that serve the public sector. And still others go into law or other forms of further education.

Graduates of the PhD programs are well represented on faculties around the world — a role for which many prepare using Syracuse University's Future Professoriate Program. However, given Maxwell's multidisciplinary nature, it's also the case that many master's and doctoral students will find careers in government, think tanks, and quasi-public institutions.

To help students find their post-Maxwell job, the School maintains the Office of Career Development. It sponsors employer recruiting visits, career panels, workshops and tutoring on job-search skills, and the like. Many of its services are available, also, to alumni later in their careers.



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