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Student diversity

Student Diversity

You often hear it said: Everything you learn at Maxwell is augmented by the experiences and perspective of the students around you.

At any one time, there are 850-900 master's and doctoral students currently working on degrees at the Maxwell School (and untold hundreds of undergraduates taking courses and pursuing majors). They are diverse. In recent years, more than half of the graduate students have been women. About 30 percent come from countries other than the United States (at last count, close to 60 different nations). And, among domestic students, 15 percent are African American or Latino.

Those are the matriculated students. In addition, the Executive Education division hosts specialized training programs for midcareer students from around the world. The Leaders for Democracy Fellows program, for example, brings to campus emerging leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa. Humphrey Fellows visit from any of 93 participating countries, and gain professional enrichment and cultural orientation. Other programs serve government managers from India and China.

The international student body creates a worldly cosmos where one is apt to hear Urdu or Mandarin in the hallways, and where professors' assertions are challenged by viewpoints born in dozens of respective homelands. Toss in domestic students who represent all genders, races, and cultures, and one finds in Maxwell a compelling microcosm of the world at large.



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