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Mixing disciples

Mixing Disciplines

Under Maxwell's roof you will find intense, career-oriented master's degrees in public administration and international relations. And you will find scholarly PhD programs in the social sciences: political science, economics, geography, anthropology, sociology, and history.  Maxwell is the only school of public affairs to house such units together.

The commingling of professional and scholarly programs has tangible benefits: joint and concurrent degrees, a wide range of elective course and certificate options, guest lectures and symposia, interdisciplinary research projects, etc. To optimize these benefits, Maxwell hosts or collaborates in 10 research institutes, each focused on a topical area — global affairs, aging, national security, domestic policy analysis, citizenship and public affairs, environmental policy, public health, conflict resolution and collaborative management, and others.

But Maxwell's interdisciplinary make-up is significant, also, for its profound everyday influence. The School prides itself on making deep connections between the conceptual and the pragmatic, while promoting a higher awareness of citizenship, politics, community, and the rigors of public discourse. Professional master's students gain rich awareness of the social consequences of the careers they are about to undertake. Scholars are constantly reminded of the day-to-day, street-level implications of the theories they master.

This fundamental mix of theory, policy, and practice creates attitudinal differences throughout. It is considered Maxwell's hallmark.


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