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Though Maxwell is known for its distinguished graduate programs, the School is home turf, also, for Syracuse University undergraduates in the social sciences. Those who major in the social sciences do so as part of a larger liberal arts education. They are enrolled via SU's College of Arts and Sciences, but take their courses in Maxwell, benefiting from the Maxwell faculty and facilities.

Majors are available in anthropology, economics, geography, history, international relations, policy studies, political science, and sociology; approximately 1,700 students "major in Maxwell" each year. In addition, the School hosts or co-hosts a number of popular, interdisciplinary minors, such as global political economy, Middle East studies, environment and society, and many others. It's worth noting that the policy studies major is offered through the undergraduate Department of Public Affairs, famous for its emphasis on community internships and service learning.

In fall 2013, Maxwell launched a major in citizenship and civic engagement, a broadly interdisciplinary program pursued alongside a concurrent major in the social sciences. Students explore new engagements within and between the private, government, and nonprofit sectors, with the goal of developing solution skills around complex issues.

The citizenship and civic engagement major builds on the long-running MAX Courses, which perpetuate a Maxwell tradition of team-taught, issues-driven exploration of the day's fundamental public affairs challenges. Like all of Maxwell's undergraduate offerings, they seek to weave a 21st century approach to citizenship into the social science curriculum.


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