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Alumni Family

There are nearly 10,000 alumni of Maxwell's graduate degree programs, and another 16,000 who were undergraduate majors in a social science program. They form an extended community — practically a clan — recognizable for their shared values and loyalty.

Alumni connect with fellow alumni in the world of work. This is true of all Maxwell alumni, but especially those of the professional programs in public administration and international affairs, who share prominence within government, NGOs, nonprofits, and other public and quasi-public settings. Networking and mentoring are common among them. Many new graduates report having found their first post-Maxwell job from an alumnus.

To help maximize this interconnection, Maxwell's Office of Alumni Relations coordinates regional events and online programs. Gatherings are held in cities around the United States and sometimes in key locations overseas. Some focus on social and networking opportunities, others on community service and continuing education.

Online opportunities for alumni are exploding. Maxwell's LinkedIn group numbers 5,000 and counting; it is extremely active. The School has a presence also on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, as well as other blogs and social sites. Alumni Relations' own website allows alumni to update their bios, and to pursue or offer employment via Maxwell's career-development program.

Taken as a whole, membership in the community of alumni emerges as one of the great, intangible benefits of a Maxwell education.


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Alumni Family


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