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Any list of the Maxwell School's strongest assets would have to include its accomplished and accessible faculty, its unique mix of scholarly and professional programs, its diverse student body, its service to undergraduates, and its devoted and successful alumni.

But here are a few more things anyone should know about the Maxwell School . . .

It's a genuinely nice place to be. Maxwell is friendly. It's unpretentious. Staff members are approachable, down-to-earth, helpful, and unflappably conscientious. This is an environment in which to grow, to experiment.

It's part of a great university. Syracuse University is a large, comprehensive, and distinguished private university located in upstate New York. SU enjoys all the amenities, cultural attractions, social life, and added academic opportunities you'd expect.

It's part of a welcoming, diverse city. Syracuse, New York, is a center for government, justice, social services, and health care in the region. It's a comfortable, mid-sized city where you can see professional theater one night and, within 20 minutes of downtown, find a great hike the next afternoon. It enjoys music, professional and semi-professional sports, fine arts, restaurants, and frequent cultural festivals.

It's conveniently located. Syracuse is easily accessible from major cities of the Northeast. It is approximately 265 miles northwest of New York City. Major highways provide direct access to cities from Boston to Cleveland, Toronto to Washington, D.C.

These are just a few additional reasons the Maxwell School stands as one of the nation's top schools of public affairs.



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Other Advantages