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WP 221 Forecasting with Unbalanced Panel Data

December 31, 2019
This paper derives the best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) for an unbalanced panel data model.

WP 222 Nonparametric Sample Splitting

December 31, 2019
This paper develops a threshold regression model where an unknown relationship between two variables nonparametrically determines the threshold.

WP 223 Inference in Threshold Models

December 31, 2019
This paper develops new statistical inference methods for the parameters in threshold regression models.

WP 219 Strategies to Build Economic Strength in Lagging Areas

November 30, 2019
The author looks at disparities among states; among different areas within states; and between residents in different occupationsin thriving areas of states.

WP 216 The Impact of BMI on Mental Health: Further Evidence from Genetic Markers

July 31, 2019
The authors examine the relationship between body mass index and mental health for young adults and elderly individuals.

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